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Discover a Younger, Pain-free, More Mobile You.

I want to start stretching

The Stretch Therapy Starting Series is a proven system of stretching exercises for adults regardless of prior experience.

I'm stuck and want more

Have you reached a plateau in your journey to maximum flexibility? The Stretch Therapy Mastery Series is just for you.

I just want to stop hurting

Over 30 years of realworld success overcoming back and neck pain, The Stretch Therapy Healing Series just plain works.


Proven results with over 50,000 enthusiastic students around the world.

All ages, all physical capabilities

Agility and flexibility is not just for dancers and yoga instructors. The Stretch Therapy Method works for every body. Our system is designed for normal, adult bodies that haven't been stretching since childhood. 

You will feel the difference

Words cannot express what you're about to discover. The Stretch Therapy Method is a holistic methodology that relieves pain and teaches you to listen to your own body. Put in the effort and you'll discover a new and better you.

No mumbo jumbo, just results

The Stretch Therapy Method is not about incense and respecting ancient traditions. Instead, it is about providing empircally proven stretching exercises that will allow you to reach your goals. It just plain works.

Grace, agility and freedom of movement

Our goal is to teach you the stretching exercises that will allow you to achieve true grace in your ability to move your body. In doing so, you will reduce pain, improve sleep and transform your relationship with your own body.

The User's Guide to the Human Body

Stretching Exercises that will transform your relationship with your own body.

The Hidden Causes of Back Pain - Free Download

  • Almost no-one suspects these, and all can be overcome.
  • Over 87% of people suffering from back pain have been misdiagnosed.
  • Follow these instructions and you will almost certainly feel better.

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From Our Blog

It's almost unbelievable the transformation a few simple stretching exercises can cause.

Not only does the Stretch Therapy Method reduce aches, pains and general discomfort, but you'll experience improvements in almost every aspect of your life. 

"Stretch Therapy s the most effective and scientific methodology I have ever encountered. Explanations are clear and precise and have no tinge of woo woo." - CARL JORDAN

Finally someone who gets it!

Why do so many dance instructors & gymnastics coaches suck at teaching flexibility? Mostly because they've been flexible since childhood! Adult bodies are not like childrens' bodies. What makes The Stretch Therapy Method so special is that it is designed for normal, adult bodies of all sizes, shapes and physical abilities.

Not a rigid, take-it-or-leave-it approach.

The Stretch Therapy Method encourages participants to explore their own bodies and range of movement, therefore helping them find what works best for them.

Demystifies Yoga

A simple intelligent system that allows the individual to gain awareness of their own physical restrictions and how to to reorganise their own balance of strength and flexibility to lead a healthy life. No chanting required!

Kit Laughlin is the world's most experienced teacher of stretching exercises.

The Stretch Therapy Method is a down-to-earth and highly authentic system with detailed and careful instruction. It provides a balanced and genuine approach that is inclusive of all levels (and people).

Struggling with your full pike? Want to do a pancake stretch with a flat back? How about perfecting your full back bend?

Upcoming Workshops Worldwide

Sometimes you just want to drink from the source. We love teaching The Stretch Therapy Method to students of all levels whenever we travel. If you'd like to attend one of our personal workshops, please click below to see our full schedule.


Check out what our students say about us

The devil is in the details... I love the years and years of investigation and thrall with the body that infiltrates every component of the practice . Kit and Olivia are Masters of their Craft... wonderful, awe inspiring teachers

Sarah James

The Stretch Therapy Method constantly evolves. There is no one method that is strictly adhered to, and instead incorporates anything that works. It works! It is effective, safe and can be modified for any body type.

Mike Tatum

I would say that what sets The Stretch Therapy Method appart is the instruction being very clear, and suited to all kinds of people and bodies. I could easily recommend this to anyone interested in free movement at any level.

Lisa Bellucci