Stretch Yourself To a New, Relaxed You!

Unlock your body and discover the whole-body benefits of a younger, more agile you. Works for all bodies and physical conditions!

In just minutes you'll discover...

  • Simple stretching exercises that relax all parts of your body.
  • You'll sleep better and lose those nagging aches and pains.
  • You'll look and feel younger.
  • You'll move with a new graceful ease.

Stretch Therapy™ Starter Course

No Expensive Equipment

The entire course can be done using an ordinary chair, a cushion and a belt.

In Your Own Home

Unlock your body from the privacy of your own home. Watch the easy-to-folllow videos on your TV.

No Complex Movements

We begin at the very beginning,  and guide you, step by step as you progress through the course.

Amazing Results

Complete just a few short routines 2 or 3 times week, and you'll be amazed at the results.

Pain, stiffness and impaired mobility are not inevitable as you age.

Kit Laughlin, creator of the Stretch Therapy Method, along with his partner Olivia Allnutt, world renowned trainer, bring over 40 years of collective experience helping real people use stretching to improve their lives.

Discover the Easy-to-Do Stretching Exercises That Your Body Craves.

Included in this course:


We start from the very beginning so you can safely and easily acquire the fundamentals you'll need on your journey to a better, more agile you!


Module 2 teaches you the first of the secret stretching techniques that will provide you with the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.


Module 3 is where you'll learn to create a whole new relationship with your own body. This is the ‘human body’ user guide you didn't know you were missing!


We've designed this course to be perfectly doable without any prior knowledge or experience, even the most accomplished athletes should start here, because you will be discovering your body in a completely new way.


  • How to relax the muscles that are causing you discomfort.
  • How to alleviate pain and stiffness, and how to improve movement.
  • How to customise a simple, personalised stretching workout perfectly suited to your needs.
  • How to transform your body into a perfectly relaxed, more supple you.

The Stretch Therapy Starter Course - has been proven countless times - helping over 50 thousand people around the world to achieve greater grace and ease of movement.

It is the foundation for our other courses and it works for adults of all ages and physical capacities.


Its focus on relaxation, its adaptability, that it doesn't feel rushed, and instead like an honest and effective practice, even though it is hard - in the sense that it does not advertise a quick fix, which is what one is initially looking for.

It's created for adults by adults who were never  super flexible in their youth. I feel that this is the most important aspect of the program because 99% of content creators on social media, blogs, youtube etc. in the flexibility sector are flexible children, teens or adults that have been that way their entire life.  They will never understand what it physically feels like to start from a place of zero flexibility, significant biomechanical issues and chronic back pain from poor alignment.  I also find that ST follows an intellectual approach towards stretching. I appreciate that ST is not intellectual just via scientific means, it also promotes wisdom and experience within one's own body which is an even better form of intelligence. It's like how I call my cat "a wise old cat" because she is so in tune with her body. 

I really enjoy the (1) variety of stretches and (2) uniqueness of the stretches relative to those of other resources as well as the (3) detailed instructions provided to properly perform the stretches; for me, key pointers can turn a "can't-feel-it" stretch into a "go-to" stretch.  I also like that the stretches (4) do not require me to purchase any auxiliary equipment and can be performed easily at home.  Of course, if I was recommended stretching assistance equipment from you I would seriously consider getting it.

A set of techniques that enables anyone can be more flexible. What makes it special --Kits and Olivia's knowledge; it's effective; it's for real people ( not for models or super flexible people); gives you tools that you can work on your own if you are feeling pain or tightness in your body, I mean, gives me independence.

I am just getting started with acquainting myself with the program but my initial impressions are that ST stands out because of the scientific evidence based approach that offers far more detailed and relevant information than just monkey-see-monkey-do and you'll see results. This program educated practitioners and gives them the tools to stay safe and truly learn how to tune into the body's almost subtle messages to guide the process. This is so refreshing and is something I have never come across with yoga or any of the flexibility products I have purchased thus far. 

Looking at the videos that are available on YouTube/Vimeo, one is immediately struck by the fact this is a practice that is undertaken by normal people with real life mobility issues/restrictions. It is devoid of the insufferable superficiality and sacralisation of movement that you often see in American-based YouTube content.