by Ian Almasi

May 22, 2020

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology in law firms has seen an increase in the past few years according to the Ackert group study in 2018. Adhering to the, somewhat rigid, culture of law firms and the fact that CRMs initial purpose was for sales-oriented businesses, CRMs remain absent from some law firms. It seems like the culture needs more convincing and that current trends need guidance towards the more organized and competitive world of law firms. Here are the 5 tops reasons why we think law firms should adopt CRMs.

1.    Increased client prospecting, screening, and conversion.

In this day and age CRMs pose as an avenue for automation of data collection and provide an improved avenue for improved data storage and access. Easy data access and storage could result in more efficient prospect handling and much easier screening processes.

As prospective clients demand a better experience in their law firms nowadays, it would be wise to turn to a system that can ensure an efficient, effective, and professional image to prospective clients in order to reel them into your pool. And better communication and proper queueing couldn’t hurt in chances of signing new clients.

2.    Improved client handling and workflow structure.

With all this data available from your efficient collection and screening, signing new clients seems inevitable. Now how do you stay on top of these clients efficiently? CRMs are also avenues for better communication between the firm and its clients. From case file to case file and now being able to organize client records and, ultimately, prioritize clients, this could help deliver those expectations your clients had from the get-go.

3.    Augments business development opportunities.

All the collected data from start to finish can still be utilized in furthering the firm’s growth. As data analyses can be made to produce data that can be utilized for further campaigns. Some CRMs also allow you to analyze current and overall case matter types, therefore allowing firms to zero in on their niche in the marketplace or broaden their scope when they choose to do so. With these centralized reports that can be utilized, now partners and associates are able to see where the firm has been and can discuss where they wish to go from there.

4.    Paves the way for the overall competitiveness of law firms.

According to the Akert study in 2018, 75% of law firms now use CRMs. This trend will only continue as firms now have the capacity to usher in clients from everywhere they wish and anywhere they can. From streamline client prospecting to engagement and even pooling thereafter, firms now have the chance to keep clients for further cases and not only as a case to case basis relationship.

This pooling system can now increase the firm’s foothold in the niche or community it exists in. catering to the firm’s strengths and allowing for growth in areas it can still grow.

5.    Less of the details and more of the bigger picture.

In this day and age, having multiple projects is the name of the game. In some cases, oversights can be a bit of a hassle when it comes to improving your clients’ expectations and overall effectiveness as law firms. With the presence of CRMs, it is now possible for the firm to focus more on the essentials in completing big picture actions as opposed to being bogged down in executing the nitty-gritty of firm duty.

CRMs allow firms to focus more on their goals rather than the journeys they are currently on. And this might just be the biggest intangible that CRMs can give to firms. The overall worth of CRMs may come as a surprise to firms who are reluctant to adopt any available CRM.

The Biggest Takeaways

             As Firms now head into the future of business execution and development, CMRs present themselves as a helping hand in both upcoming and mainstay firms who wish to be a competitive household name in their field. And while CRMs might be approached with hesitation it cannot be discounted that they pose more advantages rather than disadvantages for firms in this day and age. 

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